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Audio/Video Processor

The Audio/Video Processor (AVP) is a powerful miniature general purpose computer that combines dual multi-core microprocessors with an audio codec and a dedicated GPU; it’s well-suited for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications. The AVP multi-function processing capabilities are key for low-latency HD streaming performance.

The AVP is designed for IP encoding and decoding HD video and audio for secure, high-quality streaming video distribution architectures.  

As an encoder or decoder, the AVP disseminates IP video at broadcast-quality resolutions up to full HD 1080p@60Hz and at a wide range of bit and frame rates. 

Download the data sheet

photo of ivory audio video processor


  • AES 256-bit encryption

  • Unicast/Multicast streaming audio/video

  • 1000BASE-T Ethernet (MIL-C Copper)

  • 1000BASE-SX Ethernet (MIL-C Fiber Optic)

  • USB 2.0 (MIL-C Copper)

  • COM Port RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 (MIL-C Copper) 

  • DZUS (MIL-F-25173A) mountable fanless system

6.41” (L) x 5.74” (W) x 2.24” (H)

3 lbs.

Supported Codecs

  • Video (H.264/H.265) 

  • Audio (H.264/H.265, Analog) 


Nominal Power Dissipation: 3W


  • Sidebar (Sidebar channel status)

  • PTE (Microphone input status)

  • LRU (Ultimo chip status)

  • SVR (Server status)

Environmentally Qualified to the Following Standards

  • Temperature – RTCA DO-160G, Section 4, Categories A1

  • Altitude – RTCA DO-160G, Section 4, Category C1

  • Rapid Decompression – RTCA DO-160G, Section 4, Category C1 

  • Temperature Variation – RTCA DO-160G, Section 5, Category C1 

  • Humidity – RTCA DO-160G, Section 6.3.2, Category B

  • Structural Loads/Acceleration – RTCA DO-160G, Section 7, Category B 

  • Vibration – RTCA DO-160G, Section 8, Category R

  • Explosive Conditions – RTCA DO-160G, Section E

  • Lightning (Indirect Effects) – MIL-STD-461G, CS117

  • Electromagnetic Effects – MIL-STD-461G, Table V (Aircraft, Air Force)

Designed to Meet the Following Standards

  • Electrical Power – MIL-STD-704A

  • Flammability, Sand & Dust – MIL-STD1472H

  • Salt Atmosphere – RTCA DO-160G, Section 14, Category S

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