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We provide a wide range of products and integrated solutions using a variety of technologies and devices that are tailored to meet customer needs.


Our engineering solutions are designed for rugged and dependable performance. Our products have been rigorously tested and thoroughly reviewed and are highly respected for their performance and reliability. They are designed to meet the highest standards in the industry, ensuring that our customers get the best solutions for their needs.


Our solutions involve collaborating directly with customers to improve their mission operations and maintenance routines with progressive, reliable hardware and mission-oriented software that allows our customers to enhance and innovate the way they do their jobs.

Audio Server

The Audio Server is a repackaged commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Digital Audio Network Server that provides automatic mixing, gain control, gating, and acoustic echo cancellation for headsets and a CODEC. Multiple CODEC interface configurations are possible.


The repackaging facilitates connector compatibility with existing aircraft architecture, meets the constraints of a 19” rack installation, and retains all controls and indicators from the COTS device. The Audio Server has fully automatic function and requires no user interaction.

The Audio Server is designed to be paired with the Audio Interface. (Note that CSI’s POE Switch is also required to power the Audio Interface Panels and interface them to the Audio Server.)

Download the datasheet

Audio Interface

The Audio Interface Panel is a repackaged commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) two-input, two-output device that converts analog to/from headsets and digital Dante IP traffic.


The Audio Interface Panel is designed to be paired with the Audio Server. (Note that CSI’s POE Switch is also required to power the Audio Interface Panels and interface them to the Audio Server.)

Download the datasheet


KVM Switch

The KVM Switch is a four-port keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) that supports DVI-I video along with keyboard, mouse, and CAC peripherals.

The KVM is a repackage of a Blackbox KVM. It's wired to support VGA and DVI-D Dual Link; however, it’s only qualified to VGA and DVI-D Single Link.

Download the datasheet

MPS KVM web.png

Rugged Router

The Rugged Router is a ruggedized Cisco 4331 router using 115VAC 60Hz power with five 1000Base-TX 802.3 at PoE+ interfaces and one 1000Base-T (T1) interface through a blind mate connection in the rear and two 1000Base-SX fiber interfaces via LC duplex connectors on the front.


The Rugged Router supports carry-on Voice over IP (VoIP) phones, provides IP connectivity to onboard High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptors (HAIPEs), and connects to the DVS DSS-2A Red Switch to support up to 24 channels of audio.

Download the datasheet


The Codec is a repackaged commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Cisco Codec. 

The repackaged unit uses rugged MIL-circular connectors while retaining primary I/O features of the COTS item. The Codec is ready to be integrated into existing Video Teleconferencing (VTC) architecture.

The Codec can be used as a standalone unit in some systems and can also be integrated with CSI’s VTC system, which includes a user-friendly user interface that uses an MDX-Series Touch Panel and NX series control process from AMX (also repackaged in rugged form factors).

Download the datasheet

Smart Card Reader

The Smart Card Reader is a single port card reader in a Dzus rail housing. The card reader interfaces to a computer over a USB 2.0 connection and can be assigned to different virtual machines.


The Smart Card Reader is fully compliant to the Common Access Card Reader specification and supports ISO 7816 standard. The Smart Card Reader is fully plug-and-play on Windows desktops, requiring no additional drivers to function.

Download the datasheet


28 VDC Power Distribution Unit

Based on the latest generation of Solid State Power Controllers (SSPCs), our +28VDC Power Distribution Unit (PDU) can filter, distribute, control, and monitor up to 16 independent power channels. The PDU includes local and remote-control interfaces that provide real time feedback to support diagnostics. 

28VDC PDU 1 edit.png

Remote monitoring is performed through Ethernet connectivity. Data reported can be used for system-level diagnostics and prognostics, enabling predictive, condition-based maintenance, which all helps to provide increased availability and continued mission readiness. 

The local management interface supports channel resets, lockouts, trip indication, system status, and system control.

Download the datasheet

Intelligent Panel

The Intelligent Panel is a DSUZ-mount, Ethernet-connected alarm and status panel. It provides system health and status information and discrete outputs to facilitate additional external alarms and indicators.

The indicators and API are customizable to suit system needs.

Download the datasheet


Audio/Video Processor

The Audio/Video Processor (AVP) is a powerful miniature general purpose computer that combines dual multi-core microprocessors with an audio codec and a dedicated GPU; it’s well-suited for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications. The AVP multi-function processing capabilities are key for low-latency HD streaming performance.

The AVP is designed for IP encoding and decoding HD video and audio for secure, high-quality streaming video distribution architectures.  

Download the datasheet

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