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Our Story               Our Values              Our Code of Ethics              

Our values guide every conversation, decision, and interaction. 

Our values anchor every product and service we provide in every market. If we can’t link what we do to one of our values, we should ask ourselves why we’re doing it. It’s that simple! 

  • What’s Right for Customers – Every decision will follow the philosophy of “always doing the right thing” with the end user in mind.


  • Engineering Integrity – Engineering decisions are never compromised by external pressures.

  • Quality First – We will always develop and build our products to work “out-of-the-box.”

  • Open Communication – All employees know their voices will be heard. We encourage open and respectful communication.

  • Promote Growth – We promote growth in a fiscally responsible manner.

  • Excellence – We value excellence in all areas of the business. Successfully meeting company goals and commitments promotes customer satisfaction and employee pride in our company.

Crescent Systems operates with integrity, discipline, tolerance, and respect. We are committed to the high standards of ethics, excellence, fidelity, and quality expected of an engineering firm and defense contractor. 

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