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Rugged Router

The Rugged Router is a ruggedized Cisco 4331 router using 115VAC 60Hz power with five 1000Base-TX 802.3 PoE+ interfaces and one 1000Base-T (T1) interface through a blind mate connection in the rear and two 1000Base-SX fiber interfaces via LC duplex connectors on the front. 

The Rugged Router supports carry-on Voice over IP (VoIP) phones, provides IP connectivity to onboard High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptors (HAIPEs), and connects to the DVS DSS-2A Red Switch to support up to 24 channels of audio.

Download the data sheet

photo dark gray router


  • 1000Base-TX 802.3at PoE+ interfaces (5)

  • 1000Base-T copper interface

  • 1000Base-SX fiber interfaces (2)

  • TIA-968-A & ANSI T1.403 compliant T1 interface

  • EIA/TIA-232 asynchronous console port

  • USB 0 interface

  • Fans oriented for front-to-back airflow

19” W x 3.47” H x 17.545" D

24.25 lbs. max (21 lbs. typical)


  • Input Voltage: 115VAC 60HzPower

  • Max Current Draw: 1.5A

  • Maximum Steady State Current: 3.3A


  • POEO


  • Temperature

  • Power

  • SSD

  • ISC

  • Fan

  • System Status

Environmentally Qualified to the Following Standards

  • ​​Rapid Decompression – RTCA/DO-160G, Category A1

  • Bench Handling – MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.6, Procedure VI

  • Crash Safety – RTCA/DO-160G, Section 7 (9G & 6G)    

  • Explosive Atmosphere – RTCA/DO-160G, Table 9-1

  • Electromagnetic Effects – CS101, CE102, RE102, CS114 MIL-STD-461G

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