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Smart Card Reader

The Smart Card Reader is a single port card reader in a Dzus rail housing. The card reader interfaces to a computer over a USB 2.0 connection and can be assigned to different virtual machines. 

The smart card reader is fully compliant to the Common Access Card Reader specification and supports ISO 7816 standard. 

The Smart Card Reader is fully plug-and-play on Windows desktops, requiring no additional drivers to function.

Download the data sheet

Photo Smart Card Reader


  • ​​MS25212C (DZUS) compliant

  • CCID compliant

  • Supports CLASS A, B, C, and AB smart cards

  • Supports CAC and SIPR tokens

  • Supports USB 2.0 interface 

  • Supports protocols T=1 and T=0

  • ISO 7816 compliant

  • EMV Revision 4.3 compliant

  • Provides PC/SC & OCF compliant reader drivers and/or components

1.110” H x 5.740” W x 3.00” D

2 lbs. max


  • Power Input Voltage: USB power source

  • Max Current Draw: 20mA

  • Max Power Dissipation: 100mW


  • Display (host name and IP address) 

  • MAC addresses

  • Configuration details

  • Other device, network, and system information

  • Up/Down/Select buttons

  • Alarm and status LEDs

Environmentally Qualified to the Following Standards

  • ​​Crash Safety – RTCA DO-160G, Section 7 

  • Fire and Flammability – RTCA DO-160G, Table 26-2

  • Rapid Decompression – RTCA DO-160G, Section 4.6.2, Category A1 

  • Explosive Conditions – RTCA DO-160G, Section 9.6.2, Category E 

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